Undergraduate Degrees

Our undergraduate degree programs meet the needs of adults who previously earned college credit and now want to complete an undergraduate program to earn a bachelor’s or associate’s degree. Programs can be completed on a part-time basis, and we offer Fast Forward classes, which enable students to complete required courses in an accelerated format. CPS also offers students seeking graduate school admission the ability to take individual courses needed for pre-requisites.

CPS has more than 10 degree programs to choose from, with convenient day and evening courses to fit your schedule. We also offer combined BIS/MS programs, which allow students to complete a bachelor’s and master’s degree at an accelerated pace.

Choose Your Program Area of Interest:

  • Administration and Management - NEW MAJOR!

    The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Administration and Management provides students with the essential knowledge, understanding, and tools needed to become a successful administration and management professional in a variety of fields. read more

  • Computer Science

    Villanova has designed the Bachelors of Science in Computer Science to prepare academically, individuals seeking careers in software development. Villanova’s computer science program emphasizes the theory, abstraction and application of computing. read more

  • English

    The department offers a wide selection of courses from traditional survey courses to courses on contemporary writers, film, and creative writing. English course are well suited to help students become better readers, writers and analytical thinkers. read more

  • General Studies

    A Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in General Studies provides the flexibility to select courses where you have strong academic interest. The General Studies curriculum requires only 45 core credits allowing you to select 33 additional credits in your major and 42 free elective credits to satisfy degree requirements. read more

  • History

    The History Department offers more than 60 courses in different academic fields and areas of personal interest. Villanova history courses span cultures and decades, from ancient Egypt to modern America. History illuminates the laboratory of human experience and provides the background necessary to understand social movements, literature and religion. read more

  • Information Systems

    Villanova’s BIS in Information Systems emphasizes the application of computing technology in today's workplace. We designed this major to satisfy the demand for business professionals with a combination of technical and business skills. read more

  • Leadership Studies

    Leadership is a highly sought-after trait in every organization no matter what the industry and, in many cases, a trait that is difficult to find. CPS offers both an undergraduate Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) in Leadership Studies as well as a post graduate certificate in Leadership Studies to transform professionals—our adult students—into leaders that their organizations value, trust, and respect. read more

  • Media and Technology

    As a Villanova Media & Technology major, you will learn the communication and technology competencies, to begin, advance or modernize your communication or technical career and how to use technology to market and sell. read more



Featured Events

  • A Villanova Education, Built for Professionals — As a nationally recognized and respected University, a degree or certificate from Villanova enhances your resume and helps you stand out to employers.
  • Flexible and Accelerated Course Options — Evening and online courses are available, as well as special seminar series. Our accelerated FastForward courses run for seven weeks and enable students to complete their degree or certificate at a faster pace.
  • Personalized Advising — Every student is assigned a dedicated CPS adviser who is available to meet in person, over the phone, or via email to assist in choosing courses and progressing through the program.
  • Competitive Tuition — Tuition and fees for evening courses through CPS are offered at a lower rate. There are also a variety of financial aid and scholarship options.
  • Alumni Network — As part of the Villanova community, you join a powerful and engaged network of over 120,000 alumni across the globe.

New Technology Programs

A variety of technology programs are under development at CPS.